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QI Resource Guide

A3 Form


Are you looking for support and/or have a question about QI at MAHEC?

Tammy Garrity, Quality Improvement Program Manager

Kristen Smith, QI Coordinator, OB/GYN

Tessa Frank, QI Coordinator, Psychiatry Clinic

Amber McCarter, QI Specialist

Do you have a question, concern, or idea to bring to MAHEC’s Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Council?

Please begin with your department or division’s representative.

Are you looking for a Maintenance of Certification Part IV (MOC IV) QI Project?

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Before you plan your next QI project, please review the below projects as potential resources.

Department/DivisionProject LeadsProject Title
FM, OBGYN, DentalCarla Harris
Natalie Raper
Capturing Race and Ethnicity Demographic Data
FM, OBGYN, DentalTammy Garrity
Eric Smith, MD
Suzanne Dixon
Natalie Raper
Shared Problem List
FM, OBGYN, Central Business OfficeGina Banks
Mark Holmstrom
Improving MAHEC Referral System Efficiency
FM, Patient Safety
Lisa LaVallee
Kristen Bernero
Tammy Garrity
Engaging FHC Biltmore in Near Miss Reporting
All Clinical Depts.Kristen Smith
Lindsey Altsheler
EHR Inbox Monitoring and Use
All Clinical Depts.Melinda Ramage
Kristen Smith
Evidence-based Standardization of Substance Use Disorder Screening in Pregnancy
All Clinical Depts.Evan RichardsonSocial Determinants of Health (SDOH) Screening and Referral
OBGYNSusan Dixon, MD
Alexandra Murray, RN
4th Trimester Project

Are you looking for a high level overview of MAHEC’s QI program?

Helpful QI Websites and Education