Event Management Tools

The Event Management Tools (EMT) application allows you to:

  • View CASCE events
  • View and email event participants
  • View event resources
  • View event evaluations
  • View event certificates

To access EMT, login to the MAHEC Intranet with your MAHEC Active Directory (AD) credentials. These are the same credentials used to login to your MAHEC computer. 

In the top blue navigation bar, click on My Apps, then click on the EMT app.

If you do have EMT listed as an app, please contact the IT Help Desk as you are not part of the educ_regional_education permissions group.

EMT Dashboard

The EMT dashboard contains three panels:

  • Current Filters
  • Search All Events
  • Filtered Events

Filtering Events

By default, the Filtered Events panel shows events that completed within the last 2 weeks or will start within the next 2 weeks for all budget disciplines, event types, and event structures.

You can change which events display in the Filtered Events panel by clicking on the Change Filters button in the Current Filters panel.  Select the event start date range using the From Date and To Date fields.  Optionally select a Budget Discipline, an Event Type, or Event Structures to further filter which events will display.  Click the Apply button to save and apply the filter.  You will return to the dashboard and the Current Filters panel will show your selected filters, and the Filter Events panel will show events matching your selected filters.

Searching for Events

Use the Search All Events panel to search for an event by event # or event title.  If you want to view event 62616, type that number in the search box and click the search button.  If an event matching that event # is found, it will display in the search results.  If you want to search for all events where the title of the event contains the word opioid, type opioid in the search box and click the search button.  All events where the title contains the word opioid will be returned.

Event List

Both the Event Search Results or Filtered Events lists display enough information so that you can find a particular event in the list.  All the columns are sortable in ascending or descending order, and you can change which column is the sort column as well as the column sort order by clicking on a column header cell.

To view event details, click on the event # in the first column of a table row.

Event View

It is important to note that the event view is pulling event data from CASCE.  You do not add an event or event participants in EMT.  That is done in CASCE.  EMT simply allows you to view event and participant information without going to CASCE.  It also allows you to view event evaluations, but not add an event evaluation.  Evaluations are added by participants using the MyCE Area.

The top row of the event view shows the event #, event title, and the event start and end dates.  Clicking on the event title will open a new browser window/tab and display the event’s page in the MAHEC course catalog.

There are 4 tabs of information on the event view:

  • Details
  • Registrations
  • Registration Summary
  • Resources

Details Tab

The Details tab displays pertinent fields of information about the event, including status, event structure, if online registration is on or off, and whether online certificates are available.  You cannot change this information in EMT.  It must be changed in CASCE.

Registrations Tab

The Registrations tab displays a detailed list of event participants.  You can click the column headers to re-sort the list, or use the Keyword Search box to search for a particular participant in the list.  The Status column displays the participant’s attendance, the Method column displays how their registration was received, and the Date column displays the date the participant registered for the event.

Click the blue envelope icon next to a participant’s email address to send the participant an email.  Clicking this icon should open a new message in your email client (Outlook).  The participant’s email should be in the To field and the event title should be in the Subject field.

Registrations Summary Tab

The Registrations Summary tab shows a table grouping participants by registration method, with each method then grouped by attendance status.

Click the blue envelope icon next to the Attended column label to send an email to all participants who attended.  Clicking this icon will force a download of an .eml file.  Clicking the downloaded .eml file should open a new message in your email client (Outlook) with registration@mahec.net in the From and To fields, the event title in the Subject field, and all attended participant emails in the Bcc field.

Resources Tab

The Resources tab shows all files that are available for participants to download for the event.  It is important to note that participants cannot download resources 90 days after the event end date.  You do not add resources on this tab.  Instead, you add resources by accessing the handoutsSecure shared drive, and place resources in a folder named for the event #.  Clicking on a resource in the file list should download or open the resource in a new browser tab/window and is a good way to test the resource file is working properly.


Above the 4 tabs on the event view are 4 buttons:

  • Preview Evaluation
  • Preview Certificate
  • Evaluation Results
  • Post Evaluation Results

Preview Evaluation

Click the Preview Evaluation button to view the evaluation for the event.  You can use this view to ensure that the evaluation looks appropriate and contains the correct objectives and presenters.  Note that you cannot submit an evaluation in EMT.  Click the event # in the top row to return to the event view.

Preview Certificate

Click the Preview Certificate button to view a sample event certificate.  The certificate will open in a new browser tab/window.  The participant’s name will always be Jane Doe, and all credits will display.  It is important to note that an actual participant’s certificate may not always contain all credits.  You can use this certificate preview to ensure that the certificate looks correct.

Evaluation Results

The Evaluation Results button will contain a badge circle denoting the number of evaluations completed.  Click this button to view evaluation results.

On the evaluation results view, click the Export to CSV button to export the evaluation results to a CSV file that can be opened with Excel.  Click the Event # in top row to return to the event view.

Post Evaluation Results

The Post Evaluation Results button will contain a badge circle denoting the number of 90-day post evaluations completed.  Click this button to view the 90-day post evaluation results.

On the 90-day evaluation results view, click the Event # in top row to return to the event view.

Workday Expenses and Spend Authorizations

The following documents and videos provide help on payment elections, expense reports, and spend authorizations in Workday.



EHR Training Videos

Overview & Fundamentals of EHR

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Documenting a Patient Visit

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SAM Application Guide

Student Rotation Requests

Student receives link to apply for a rotation/shadowing experience

Email received by student:

Hi!  Thank you for your interest in a rotation or shadowing opportunity here at MAHEC!  In order to request a rotations at MAHEC, please fill out the Student Rotation Form which can be found through the following link: https://mahec.net/residency-and-student-info/student-rotations/request-rotation . The information provided in the form will help to determine if we are able to accommodate your request, provide as much information as possible.  Please provide as much information as possible, i.e. what type of rotation, hours needed, duration, etc.  Also if you have a specific provider that you would like to rotate with please include the name of that provider within your request. Once you fill out the link it will automatically send the form to me. You will hear back from me within a week with a decline or acceptance email. I look forward to receiving your request! 
Thank you for your interest in MAHEC!

Student fills out all fields and is added to Student Rotation Requests in database

Send an email to the student

When viewing a student rotation request record, you have the choice to send a decline or in-progress email by clicking the mail icon.

Send the in-progress email to let the student know that you received their request and are working on finding out if you can proceed with the request. Only send this email when you are working on the request.

Accept a student rotation request

If you choose to go forward with this student’s request you will need to make them an official student in the database. Right now they are just a student request and you will NOT be able to see them within the student list. You will need to click the Create Student from Request Button which will auto-populate a student profile and close the request.

Student is accepted

If the student is accepted, you will now need to send them an email letting them know and assign them a student type. You can also assign them a check-list specific to their shadowing/rotation experience.


  • Once you decline a student their rotation request status is automatically closed.
  • Once you accept a student request, their student ID will now show up on the student request page, but you will need to manually close the request out otherwise the status will stay as open.
  • If the student is now an official CHPE student you should be typing any notes on their student profile and not their rotation request.
  • NEVER delete a request, we will always keep this data for future reference.

Workday Education

What is Workday?

Cheat Sheets

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General Training

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Manager Training

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The following documents provide training on manager functions performed in the Workday ERP software:

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