What is Tableau Reader?

Tableau Reader is a free desktop application that you can use to open and interact with data visualizations built in Tableau Desktop.

Tableau Reader allows users to access workbooks on the MAHEC internal network from anywhere they can access Citrix.

How do I access Tableau Reader?

Tableau Reader is accessed via Citrix Workspace, previously known as Citrix Receiver, under the Apps tab after you’ve logged in.

Follow the instructions at the above link to add a shortcut to Tableau on your Start Menu or Desktop.

The first time the application launches, you will see a Registration box. It should already be populated with generic information. Click Register. If it is not pre-populated with registration information, close out of the app and open it again. You must Register to get access to the app, so fill in any other necessary fields and click Register.

Once Registration is complete, you can go to File, Open to locate your file.

How do I find a workbook to open?

Most times, you’ll receive a workbook link via e-mail. If you have Citrix Workspace configured correctly with Single Sign On, clicking a workbook link should have Citrix Workspace prompt you to choose an app to open the file with. Choose Tableau Reader. This selection should be saved for future workbooks you open. You can also try opening the path in a File Explorer window via a link in the email, then double clicking on the workbook to launch it.


You can right click on the workbook link and choose “Copy Hyperlink” and paste it in the open box when Tableau Reader is running. You may need to delete the workbook name from the end of the pasted file path, so the open dialog will display the contents of the folder the workbook is in.

Recent Workbooks

Recently opened workbooks are kept on the main screen of Tableau Reader, so you don’t have to keep tracking down the email to open a file. Just open the App via Citrix and click a recent workbook to load.