Papercut EHRPM

For Allscripts EHR Clinical Module

Open Menu on the right side bar. Select Printer Defaults

Select “Select one printer…” from the top part of the window

Drop down the selection box and choose \\papercutprint01\papercut_findme, then click OK

If you are a prescribing provider, scroll down to Prescriptions and click the printer column to select \\papercutprint01\papercut_Rx

Click OK on the Printer Defaults for Caregiver window

For Allscripts PM

Launch PM. Before opening anything, click the red gear on the top green bar.

Navigate to the printers tab (1) and check the box for “Remember Preferred Default Printer” (2)

Click the dropdown box and choose \\papercutprint01\papercut_findme (3) then click OK (4)

For more on Papercut, please visit the Papercut FAQ.

Papercut Frequently Asked Questions

What is Papercut? What is FindMe?

Papercut is an application installed on the Savin/Ricoh multi-function devices to allow badge release printing. FindMe printing means using the Papercut_FindMe printer for all jobs. The jobs are held in a queued state until you go to the nearest Ricoh/Savin, tap your badge on the badge reader and choose to release your print jobs.

I get a username password prompt when I scan my badge on a copier. What do I do?

Use network credentials to log in. This will associate your badge with your network account. You should not have to do this again, unless your badge is replaced.

How do I scan and fax now that I have to log into the copier?

Your network account is tied to your badge, so you will have an option to Scan to your home drive or e-mail. If your team requires a file share to be configured, open a helpdesk ticket. Any COPY or FAX operations will need to be performed by logging into Papercut first.

How can I print single-sided?

Use the Papercut_FindMe_Simplex printer to queue jobs instead of the Papercut_FindMe printer, which defaults to duplex.

I normally print to [destination] but now I don’t see that as an option. Why?

Destination printing is no longer allowed, aside from label printers. In EHR, you will need to queue the output and the receiving team will print what is necessary. For more information, please open an informatics ticket or reach out to your informatics clinic liaison.

I forgot my badge today, how can I print?

  • Go to https://papercutapp01:9192/ and log in with your domain credentials.
  • Click Show under Card/ID.
  • When at copier, choose *ID number*

Papercut Basic Enrollment

PaperCut FindMe printing

PaperCut FindMe is a printing solution that allows you to release your print jobs wherever there is a MAHEC Savin/Ricoh device.

When printing, you’ll choose the PaperCut_FindMe printer and your document will be queued for release anywhere in the MAHEC organization. This will print double-sided.

PaperCut_FindMe_Simplex will print single sided and PaperCut_Color will print color (if assigned to your network account).

When walking up to a copier, you’ll scan your badge on the card reader and have options for Print Release, Device Functions and Scan Functions

First time use badge association

The first time you use PaperCut, or following a badge replacement, you’ll need to associate your badge to your network account.

If you get the following screen, you’ll need to enter your network account information.

Tap the blue button to continue to the next field.

Tap the blue button again to finalize the association.


Scanning can be performed via the “Scan” button when logging into a copier. You have the option to scan directly to your MAHEC home drive, or your MAHEC email. Your workgroup may also have additional destinations configured.

Device Functions

Copy and Fax functions are found under Device Functions.

Frequently Asked Questions / Gotchas

  • Watch out for other organization badges being picked up by the card reader. If you have other organizational badges on your badge clip, make sure you’re scanning your MAHEC badge to the ID scanner.
  • If your badge clip does not easily scan due to it not being on a retractable tether, please contact facilities for other organization approved badge holders
  • If you forget your badge one day, or have a temporary badge until your new one is replaced, do not associate a temporary badge to your network account. Contact the IT helpdesk x44480 to walk you through a separate PaperCut login method. You may also click open a helpdesk ticket.