Web Style Guide

When providing content for the internet or intranet websites, please follow these style tips:

  • Healthcare is one word
  • Western North Carolina is always capitalized
  • July 2008 does not need a comma
  • Apples, oranges, and lemons – note the Harvard comma after oranges
  • All references to our neighbor should be Mission Hospitals
  • Check the ending of your bullets – all should have punctuation or not at all

Brand Guide

Our brand is more than a name or logo. It stands for the trust we earn from patients, partners, customers, and employees. This trust is an asset and should be managed properly.

We all must work together to build recognition and consistency for our brand as we continue to grow in our mission of serving the healthcare needs of Western North Carolina. It’s important that the brand maintains a consistent look and feel each and every time it’s seen. This requires strict dedication to standards.

At MAHEC, we have two interrelated but distinct brands: MAHEC and UNC Health Sciences at MAHEC. These brands are associated with specific functions here at MAHEC such as patient care (MAHEC) and research (UNC Health Sciences at MAHEC). Each brand is supported and communicated through a visual identity that includes our name, logo graphic, font style, and specific colors.

The guidelines in our brandbook will explain how the visual elements of each brand should be used.

Use of these visual identities is managed by MAHEC’s Marketing and Communications department. If you have questions about their use, please contact Michelle Morgan at (828) 257-4442 or michelle.morgan@mahec.net.