LMRC Recorded Lectures

Y1 Module 2 Unit 1 Physician Self Care
Y1 Module 2 Unit 2 Worksite and Community Wellness Oct 2020
Y1 Module 3 Unit 2 Whole Food Plant Based Diet
Y1 Module 3 Unit 4 Nutrition in the Clinical Setting 1027
Y1 Module 5 Unit 1 Sleep first 45 mins only (Spring 2021)
Y1 Module 5 Unit 2 Sleep Health Jan 2021
Y1 Module 5 Unit 3 Sleep (Feb 2021)
Y1 Module 7 Unit 1 Behavior Change March 2021
Y1 Module 7 Unit 2 Motivational Interviewing
Y1 Module 7 Unit 3 Coaching
Y1 Module 8 Unit 1 & 2 (March 2021)
Y1 Module 9 Unit 1 Lifestyle and Stress (May 2021)
Y2 Module 3 Unit 6 and 7 Nutrition and Weight Management and Heart Disease (Aug 2020)
Y2 Module 3 Unit 10 and Module 4 Unit 1 (Oct 2020)
Y2 Module 4 Unit 6 and Module 6 Unit 1 (Jan 2021)
Y2 Module 6 Units 2 and 3 Tobacco and Alcohol Cessation (2020)
Y2 Module 8 Unit 3 (Business Modules in LM) and Module 10 Unit 1 (Positive Psychology and Behavior Change) (2020)
Module 9 Unit 2 Emotional & Mental Well-Being (Spring 2021)
Module 9 Unit 3 (Spring 2021)
Y2 Module 10 Unit 2 (2020)
Y2 Module 10 Unit 3 (2020)

LMRC Lectures with Notes

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8

Module 9

Module 10

Technology Request Process

Technology Governance Committee

  • Felicia Hipp
  • Cindy Ireland
  • Chris Jury

Submit a Request

When submitting a request, the following form parameters must be answered:

  • Describe the opportunity for improvement.
  • Are you aware of other departments that are having the same experience?
    • What other departments might benefit?
    • How many individuals would be affected?
    • Will this require changes to existing software?
    • Will this require workflow changes?
  • If implemented, what is the estimated savings?
  • If implemented, what are patient benefits?
  • Do you have a sense of the cost and budget?
  • Have you already looked at solutions?
    • If so, please list them.
  • Is this associated with a grant or other initiative?

Steering Committee Discussion

The requestor or department representative to present and include:

  • Scope
  • Sponsor
  • Impact & Benefits
  • Financial Assessment
  • Labor Assessment

Additional Discovery

  • Build versus Buy Assessment
    • Build – Time & Complexity
    • Buy – Cost, Staff, Consultants
  • Deeper Cost Discovery
  • Data Implications
  • Security Implications
  • Hardware & Maintenance Implications
  • Workflow & Training Assessment

Go or No Go

  • Organizational Feasibility
    • Disruption versus Value
    • Change Management Implications
    • Commitment
  • Recognized Benefit

Priority Assessment

  • Impact to Current Budget
  • Impact to Existing Projects
  • Resource Availability
    • Hardware
    • Informatics and/or Development Personnel
    • Clinical Department(s) Personnel
    • Security
    • Consultant(s)
    • Recurring Costs

Regular Updates to Steering Committee

  • Establish a Project Plan
    • Updates at Each Steering Committee Meeting
  • Successes
  • Challenges
  • Significant Changes Since Last Update
    • Cost
    • Time
    • Resources

Student Housing Handbook

Welcome to MAHEC Student Housing

MAHEC welcomes you to our student housing program and to Western North Carolina. The primary goal of our housing program is to provide you with a clean, secure, and comfortable living environment which will be conducive to study, relaxation and social interaction with other students. We hope that you enjoy your clinical rotation and your stay in housing.

The Student Handbook was designed to help you become acquainted with our student housing program. We have included lots of useful information on life in our housing units. Please carefully read this information and bring the handbook with you when you come to Asheville. Please call the Student Housing Office whenever you have a question.

The Student Housing Office handles only the arrangements for your housing. If you have other questions about your rotation, please contact the representative at your school or your preceptor.

Housing Units

Beverly Condominiums

9 fully furnished apartments located at Beverly Condominiums. These units accommodate 2-3 students and are within walking distance to the Mission Hospital campus.

  • Most units have 2 bedrooms (3 twin beds). One room has 1 bed; second room has 2 beds. You may be required to share a bedroom.
  • 1 full bath.
  • When you arrive at the Beverly Condo housing unit, beds/rooms are on a first-come first-served basis. You may choose a bed that is not occupied.
  • Fully equipped kitchen includes microwave, toaster and coffee maker. There is also a basic supply of dishes, pots and pans, bakeware, utensils and much more.
  • These units do not include a washer & dryer. There are several laundry centers convenient to housing; map/directions will be included in your confirmation email.
  • Parking – there are not assigned parking spaces or parking permits, but please park as close to your apartment building as possible.


3 fully furnished apartments in Hendersonville located at the Ballantyne Commons Complex. These are co-ed apartments.

  • 2 apartments accommodate two students each with 2 full baths (twin beds). Bedrooms are not shared.
  • 1 apartment accommodates 3 students with 2 full baths (twin beds). Bedrooms are not shared, one bath is shared.
  • Fully equipped kitchen includes microwave, toaster and coffee maker. There is also a basic supply of dishes, pots and pans, bakeware, utensils and much more.
  • Includes a washer & dryer.
  • Parking – there are not assigned parking spaces or parking permits, but please park as close to your apartment building as possible.


1 fully furnished apartment in Sylva/Cullowhee located at the Rabbit Ridge Properties. This is a co-ed apartment.

  • 1 apartment accommodates 4 students with 4 full size beds/4 baths. The bedrooms/baths are not shared.
  • Fully equipped kitchen includes microwave, toaster and coffee maker. There is also a basic supply of dishes, pots and pans, bakeware, utensils and much more.
  • Includes a washer & dryer.
  • Parking – there are not assigned parking spaces, see confirmation email regarding parking instructions.

4 efficiency apartments.

  • 4 efficiencies apartments accommodate 4 students with 4 full size beds/4 baths. These apartments are not shared.
  • Fully equipped kitchen includes microwave, toaster and coffee maker. There is also a basic supply of dishes, pots and pans, bakeware, utensils and much more.
  • There are no laundry facilities at this location.
  • Parking – there are not assigned parking spaces, see confirmation email regarding parking instructions.


1 fully furnished farmhouse. This location is rural.

  • Home accommodates 4 students with 4 full size beds/4 baths. The bedrooms are not shared.
  • Fully equipped kitchen includes microwave, toaster and coffee maker. There is also a basic supply of dishes, pots and pans, bakeware, utensils and much more.
  • Includes a washer & dryer.
  • Parking – there are not assigned parking spaces, see confirmation email regarding parking instructions. This house has a gravel drive that may be bumpy.


1 fully furnished apartment in Cherokee.

  • 1 apartment accommodates 4 students with 4 full size beds/4 baths. The bedrooms/baths are not shared.
  • Fully equipped kitchen includes microwave, toaster and coffee maker. There is also a basic supply of dishes, pots and pans, bakeware, utensils and much more.
  • Includes a washer & dryer.
  • Parking – there are not assigned parking spaces, see confirmation email regarding parking instructions.


MAHEC is responsible for the basic furnishings in the apartments. If you experience a problem with any of the furnishings, please email or call Lindsey Mashburn. (Examples: coffeemaker quits working, new shower liner is needed, pots and pans are scratched, broken lamp. etc.)

Please do not move existing wall hangings or hang any pictures, posters or other items on any housing unit wall. Also, furniture should not be rearranged or moved between rooms.

What to Bring

  • Linens – Twin-bed sheets (full size for Sylva apartment), pillow, blanket, comforter etc.
  • Bath linens towels/wash cloths
  • Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels)
  • Dish detergent/dish cloth/sponge
  • Trash bags
  • Storage containers for food
  • Laundry bag
  • Iron/steamer
  • Basic toiletries, hand soap etc.
  • Cleaning supplies

Each student will have one dresser, but closet space is limited in the Beverley Condo apartments, so bring only the things you need or that can be folded.

What Not to Bring

  • Bikes are not allowed by Beverly Condominium Association nor are they permitted inside any of the Housing units. There is no secure area outside the housing locations in which to store them. Per the Housing Agreement Form, bikes are accepted on vehicle racks or inside your vehicle ONLY.
  • Valuable or fragile items
  • Excessive amounts of clothing or personal items

Absolutely NO PETS of any kind are permitted in any MAHEC housing unit.


You will be mailed a key packet before your rotation begins. For security reasons, your packet will not include your apartment location or number. Refer to your housing confirmation email for that information.

Check-in is between 11:00am – 10:00pm on your scheduled arrival date. Your confirmation email contains the date of your arrival. If you are unable to keep this appointment, please call Lindsey Mashburn.

A map to your housing unit will be provided in your confirmation email. It is very important that you bring this map with you when you arrive in town to check-in. All of the units/buildings are labeled, but some are very hard to find in the dark. Having a map will make locating your apartment much easier.

Upon checking-in, you must call the housing manager at (828) 257-4427. Leave a voicemail with your name and apartment number. Failure to confirm occupancy within 24-hours may result in reassignment of your bed and/or loss of your housing.

Check Out/Key Return

You must check out on the date listed in your confirmation email. Please return your key & check out form to the MAHEC Student Housing office using the self-addressed stamped envelope provided. Please do not return your key without including your check-out form and name.

There will be a $10.00 fee for keys lost or not returned.

House Rules

Room Assignments

Assignments to the housing units are made according to the length of your rotation, the current mix of men and women and the schedules of other student rotations. Due to different student rotations & schedules, you should expect to have roommates during all or part of your stay.

PLEASE DO NOT SWITCH HOUSING UNITS. If you have questions regarding your assignment, please contact Lindsey Mashburn, Student Housing Manager.

We expect that in most cases students will work out any interpersonal problems directly with the other student(s) involved. However, the Student Housing Manager is available to help you with any major problems or unresolved issues.


Each student has the right to a quiet, private and secure living area. To ensure this, it is necessary to place some limitations on guests in the housing units. Students may not have spouses, friends, or other guests stay overnight or live with them while staying in MAHEC housing.

Please consider the rights of your roommates when inviting guests to your apartment. It’s a good idea to talk to your roommates before you invite someone over. You are responsible for ensuring that your guest follows all the housing rules and respects the rights of other students. Parties are not permitted in any housing unit.

If someone is interested in seeing MAHEC housing, please refer them to Lindsey Mashburn at the Student Housing Office. DO NOT give tours of the housing unit. This is necessary to ensure the security of the housing units and everyone’s right to privacy.

Please be considerate of other students and neighbors at all times.

Fire Safety

There are smoke alarms in each apartment. Do not remove the batteries for any reason. Contact our office if the detector should start to beep and we will have the batteries replaced. Fire extinguishers are located in each apartment. Smoking is not allowed inside any of the MAHEC housing units. Also, burning candles, incense, or fires of any kind are not permitted inside or outside any of the housing units.

General Housekeeping

A cleaning service cleans apartments on a bi-weekly schedule. There is a schedule posted in each apartment, or you will receive the schedule in the confirmation email. They will arrive anytime between the hours of 9:00am – 4:00pm on the scheduled day. Students are not permitted to deny MAHEC appointed cleaning service access into the apartments.

On the scheduled cleaning date you must have your apartment neat, which includes clothes, dishes and personal items put away (they will not wash your dishes). The cleaning service will dust, vacuum and mop the floors, clean the counter tops, and bathrooms. Students will also be expected to participate in community housekeeping chores to maintain appropriate upkeep of the housing during their rotation. You are responsible to clean the kitchen and bathroom immediately after every use. Trash & recycling should also be emptied on a regular basis.

It is YOUR responsibility to clean the apartment for the next student. Due to the various rotation schedules, it is impossible to clean each apartment after each rotation. Therefore, it is each student’s responsibility to clean the apartment prior to departure for the next student coming in. We EXPECT the apartment to be swept and/or vacuumed, the kitchen and bathroom to be cleaned, and the apartment furniture to be dusted prior to check out. Remove ALL food items from the refrigerator and freezer. Please remove all personal belongings.

You will be charged $25.00 cleaning fee if the housing unit is left unclean and your school will be notified.


MAHEC provides a TV, including wireless internet access and/or cable in all housing units. You must provide your own laptop/tablet. MAHEC is not responsible for providing technical support for your computer devices. Refer to your confirmation email for access codes.

Occupancy Privileges

To continue your occupancy in MAHEC housing, you must comply with all housing rules and procedures and with reasonable requests from the Student Housing Manager, Student Housing Office, and/or MAHEC personnel. By accepting accommodations in student housing, you are responsible for the repair of damages due to neglect or misuse of the housing facilities or furnishings. Students are to report any broken items to Lindsey Mashburn as soon as possible.

Repairs and Maintenance

For any repairs or maintenance needs, call the Student Housing Office at (828) 257-4411. MAHEC reserves the right to access all units as needed for maintenance and repairs, including occasional inspections. MAHEC’s duly authorized agents and representatives have the right to enter housing space, including student rooms, for legitimate purposes, including inspection and maintenance/repairs. MAHEC maintenance personnel will be identified by uniform and/or identification badge. If you have any question as to the identity of someone who comes to the door for maintenance, or any other services, you should refuse to let them in. If you feel threatened, call 911. Otherwise, please notify our office of any such incident.

Pest Services

All buildings are treated by licensed pest control contractors.


MAHEC assumes no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to student’s personal property. If you desire insurance on your personal belongings, you may obtain this at your own expense.

Students are responsible for any damages to premises or furnishings. Please keep the housing unit locked and secure at all times, including all doors and windows.


Mission Hospitals (Asheville) has an emergency room on their Memorial Campus. Pardee Hospital (Hendersonville) also has an emergency room. There are several free-standing urgent care centers in the area as well. In addition, the MAHEC Family Health Center has agreed to provide episodic care to students in our residences. The MAHEC Family Health Center will require that you pay a customary charge for any services provided. You may contact them at (828) 257-4730.

COVID Policy


Lost and Found

Personal items left in common areas or found in units after student departures will be kept in the Student Managers Office at MAHEC. After the end of each month, all unclaimed items will become MAHEC property to be disposed of.


You may receive mail at the housing units. The mail boxes are for letter size mail only. Please contact Lindsey Mashburn for the address of your apartment. The post office will not forward mail from the housing units once your rotation ends. You will need to keep your mail correspondents informed of your departure date and new address. MAHEC will discard all items other than first class mail, which will be returned to the sender.

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency 911
Lindsey Mashburn – Student Housing Manager
Office (828) 257-4427
Cell (828) 767-0148
Ron Fagan – Director of Facilities
(828) 777-7250
Student Housing Office (8:00am – 5:00pm)
(828) 257-4411
Maintenance – After Hours
(828) 257-4411 – Option #2
MAHEC Switchboard (8:00am – 5:00pm)
(828) 257-4400

If you have questions, concerns, or maintenance issues during your stay, please don’t hesitate to call Lindsey Mashburn.

Event Management Tools

The Event Management Tools (EMT) application allows you to:

  • View CASCE events
  • View and email event participants
  • View event resources
  • View event evaluations
  • View event certificates

To access EMT, login to the MAHEC Intranet with your MAHEC Active Directory (AD) credentials. These are the same credentials used to login to your MAHEC computer. 

In the top blue navigation bar, click on My Apps, then click on the EMT app.

If you do have EMT listed as an app, please contact the IT Help Desk as you are not part of the educ_regional_education permissions group.

EMT Dashboard

The EMT dashboard contains three panels:

  • Current Filters
  • Search All Events
  • Filtered Events

Filtering Events

By default, the Filtered Events panel shows events that completed within the last 2 weeks or will start within the next 2 weeks for all budget disciplines, event types, and event structures.

You can change which events display in the Filtered Events panel by clicking on the Change Filters button in the Current Filters panel.  Select the event start date range using the From Date and To Date fields.  Optionally select a Budget Discipline, an Event Type, or Event Structures to further filter which events will display.  Click the Apply button to save and apply the filter.  You will return to the dashboard and the Current Filters panel will show your selected filters, and the Filter Events panel will show events matching your selected filters.

Searching for Events

Use the Search All Events panel to search for an event by event # or event title.  If you want to view event 62616, type that number in the search box and click the search button.  If an event matching that event # is found, it will display in the search results.  If you want to search for all events where the title of the event contains the word opioid, type opioid in the search box and click the search button.  All events where the title contains the word opioid will be returned.

Event List

Both the Event Search Results or Filtered Events lists display enough information so that you can find a particular event in the list.  All the columns are sortable in ascending or descending order, and you can change which column is the sort column as well as the column sort order by clicking on a column header cell.

To view event details, click on the event # in the first column of a table row.

Event View

It is important to note that the event view is pulling event data from CASCE.  You do not add an event or event participants in EMT.  That is done in CASCE.  EMT simply allows you to view event and participant information without going to CASCE.  It also allows you to view event evaluations, but not add an event evaluation.  Evaluations are added by participants using the MyCE Area.

The top row of the event view shows the event #, event title, and the event start and end dates.  Clicking on the event title will open a new browser window/tab and display the event’s page in the MAHEC course catalog.

There are 4 tabs of information on the event view:

  • Details
  • Registrations
  • Registration Summary
  • Resources

Details Tab

The Details tab displays pertinent fields of information about the event, including status, event structure, if online registration is on or off, and whether online certificates are available.  You cannot change this information in EMT.  It must be changed in CASCE.

Registrations Tab

The Registrations tab displays a detailed list of event participants.  You can click the column headers to re-sort the list, or use the Keyword Search box to search for a particular participant in the list.  The Status column displays the participant’s attendance, the Method column displays how their registration was received, and the Date column displays the date the participant registered for the event.

Click the blue envelope icon next to a participant’s email address to send the participant an email.  Clicking this icon should open a new message in your email client (Outlook).  The participant’s email should be in the To field and the event title should be in the Subject field.

Registrations Summary Tab

The Registrations Summary tab shows a table grouping participants by registration method, with each method then grouped by attendance status.

Click the blue envelope icon next to the Attended column label to send an email to all participants who attended.  Clicking this icon will force a download of an .eml file.  Clicking the downloaded .eml file should open a new message in your email client (Outlook) with registration@mahec.net in the From and To fields, the event title in the Subject field, and all attended participant emails in the Bcc field.

Resources Tab

The Resources tab shows all files that are available for participants to download for the event.  It is important to note that participants cannot download resources 90 days after the event end date.  You do not add resources on this tab.  Instead, you add resources by accessing the handoutsSecure shared drive, and place resources in a folder named for the event #.  Clicking on a resource in the file list should download or open the resource in a new browser tab/window and is a good way to test the resource file is working properly.


Above the 4 tabs on the event view are 4 buttons:

  • Preview Evaluation
  • Preview Certificate
  • Evaluation Results
  • Post Evaluation Results

Preview Evaluation

Click the Preview Evaluation button to view the evaluation for the event.  You can use this view to ensure that the evaluation looks appropriate and contains the correct objectives and presenters.  Note that you cannot submit an evaluation in EMT.  Click the event # in the top row to return to the event view.

Preview Certificate

Click the Preview Certificate button to view a sample event certificate.  The certificate will open in a new browser tab/window.  The participant’s name will always be Jane Doe, and all credits will display.  It is important to note that an actual participant’s certificate may not always contain all credits.  You can use this certificate preview to ensure that the certificate looks correct.

Evaluation Results

The Evaluation Results button will contain a badge circle denoting the number of evaluations completed.  Click this button to view evaluation results.

On the evaluation results view, click the Export to CSV button to export the evaluation results to a CSV file that can be opened with Excel.  Click the Event # in top row to return to the event view.

Post Evaluation Results

The Post Evaluation Results button will contain a badge circle denoting the number of 90-day post evaluations completed.  Click this button to view the 90-day post evaluation results.

On the 90-day evaluation results view, click the Event # in top row to return to the event view.

Workday Expenses and Spend Authorizations

The following documents and videos provide help on payment elections, expense reports, and spend authorizations in Workday.



How to Access MAHEC Voicemail While Off-Campus

MAHEC provides a means for voicemail users to check for messages while away from the office.

The access phone numbers for the MAHEC Cisco Unity Voicemail System are:

828-257-4495 or 828-210-0067

When connected, you will hear a greeting that states

“If you have a mailbox on this system, press the Star Key (*) now”

After pressing the Star Key (*), you’ll need to:

“Enter your ID followed by pound (#)”

Your ID is your 5-DIGIT extension number. (That’s right, FIVE Digits)

Next, enter your PIN. This is the Personal Identification Number that you normally use to check for voicemail messages.

Once you have successfully completed these steps, you’ll be able to listen to your mailbox and perform a variety of mailbox administration functions.

If you forget the backdoor number (or your 5-Digit Extension number), you can also call your office number and press the Star Key (*) as soon as you hear your greeting. Then, follow the same procedure as outlined above.

Feel free to contact the Help Desk @ Extension 44480 (or 828-257-4480) if you need assistance.

EHR Training Videos

Overview & Fundamentals of EHR

Overview of EHR Screens

Documenting a Patient Visit

Customizing EHR


SAM Application Guide

Student Rotation Requests

Student receives link to apply for a rotation/shadowing experience

Email received by student:

Hi!  Thank you for your interest in a rotation or shadowing opportunity here at MAHEC!  In order to request a rotations at MAHEC, please fill out the Student Rotation Form which can be found through the following link: https://mahec.net/residency-and-student-info/student-rotations/request-rotation . The information provided in the form will help to determine if we are able to accommodate your request, provide as much information as possible.  Please provide as much information as possible, i.e. what type of rotation, hours needed, duration, etc.  Also if you have a specific provider that you would like to rotate with please include the name of that provider within your request. Once you fill out the link it will automatically send the form to me. You will hear back from me within a week with a decline or acceptance email. I look forward to receiving your request! 
Thank you for your interest in MAHEC!

Student fills out all fields and is added to Student Rotation Requests in database

Send an email to the student

When viewing a student rotation request record, you have the choice to send a decline or in-progress email by clicking the mail icon.

Send the in-progress email to let the student know that you received their request and are working on finding out if you can proceed with the request. Only send this email when you are working on the request.

Accept a student rotation request

If you choose to go forward with this student’s request you will need to make them an official student in the database. Right now they are just a student request and you will NOT be able to see them within the student list. You will need to click the Create Student from Request Button which will auto-populate a student profile and close the request.

Student is accepted

If the student is accepted, you will now need to send them an email letting them know and assign them a student type. You can also assign them a check-list specific to their shadowing/rotation experience.


  • Once you decline a student their rotation request status is automatically closed.
  • Once you accept a student request, their student ID will now show up on the student request page, but you will need to manually close the request out otherwise the status will stay as open.
  • If the student is now an official CHPE student you should be typing any notes on their student profile and not their rotation request.
  • NEVER delete a request, we will always keep this data for future reference.