Webex Meetings Roles

There are six roles within Webex Meetings, which are referenced below. 

  • Host Role:  The host is the person who schedules, starts and ends the session and or recordings of the session.  A host can also assign roles to other participants in the session.  The host role can be reassigned once in a live session. 
  • Cohost: Because the Cohost role provides privileges similar to the host role, Cohosts can help to improve meeting productivity. If the host is running late or can’t attend, a cohost can start and manage the meeting. Cohosts can also assist the host with meeting management, which is useful for larger meetings.
  • Presenter: Responsible for sharing and annotating presentations, whiteboards, documents, and applications in a meeting.
  • Note Taker: A single note taker can publish notes at any time during the meeting or can send a meeting transcript to all participants.
  • Closed Captionist: Responsible for publishing captions in real time during the meeting and can send a transcript containing the captions to all participants.
  • Attendee Role:  Any person attending the session who is not already identified as a Presenter, or host. Attendees are typically who the meeting information is being presented to.

Host and Co-host Roles and Privileges

When you are the host or co-host of a meeting on a Webex Board, Room or Desk device, there are extra privileges available to you. These options let the host and co-hosts manage certain aspects of the meeting.