How to Create a Project Code and Build Your Project Resource Plan in Workday

Request a Project Code in WD by Going to Projects.

Request a Project Code.

Once you have completed the questionnaire and the project code has been completed, the Project Manager then needs to go to the Project.  You can type the name of the project in the top search bar or go to Projects—Find Projects.

Once you are on the Project Home Page, Click on the Resources Tab. 

Under Resources, Add a Resource Plan. And Select Ok.

Build your Resource Plan (MAHEC Employee Plan).

  1. You must include a project role, you can select the ones listed or create a new project role (if you don’t have that access ask Emily DeSantis or Paige Blankenship).
  2. You must include a start and end date for the role.
  3. You must include the % Allocation needed on the project. No other information is necessary but can be added for the benefit of more information like the memo line, etc.

Click Add in the top left hand corner to add a new resource plan line, if needed.  Once Finished, Click Submit.

Now go back to the Projects Home Page. Select, Find Worker for Project. 

Search for the Workers you want to Add to your Project.  Check the Worker Box and Add to Project.

You can add them to an existing Resource Line you have already Created, or if you have not added the resource lines you can create a New Resource Line for Worker.

Click Submit.  This Starts the Request Worker Business Process, The Request then Goes to the Supervisory Manager, The Project Manager (if it was not initiated by them), The Project Billing Specialist (Finance).

Once Complete the Project Billing Specialist will get a “To-Do” to review the Resource Plan Report for the Project to update invoicing.  The worker will get a notification (Bell in Workday on the top right hand side) that it has been approved, and the Resource Project Manager (Kayla, Ana, or Ashley Steward) will receive a notification to get with the Project Manager to help complete necessary budgets for the Project/Grant.

A Report Called MAHEC Project Resource Plan Detail by Worker, can be run to show the current resource plan to help build the budget.

At any time the Project Manager can go back to the Project Home Page in WD and then EDIT the Resource Plan Lines as Workers need to change on Projects.

You can click the minus sign in the circle on the left hand side of the screen to delete plan lines or you can click Add at the top left hand side to add new lines.   All Project Managers need to be proactive about managing their resource plan lines BEFORE Invoicing for the Month needs to happen so that Finance can make the necessary Costing Allocation Payroll Adjustments.