Non-GME Research Step by Step


Use this page if you are going to engage in research for:

  • Dental Research
  • Non-GME Research (using Mission data and no Resident as part of the team)
  • GME Research (using only MAHEC data, with Resident as part of the team)

Before starting any study you have to fulfill the requirements listed below.

1. Online training in protection of human subjects via CITI Program.

2. Create an account with IRBNet and download a protocol template.

How to use IRB net

  • If you plan to do retrospective chart review, use the Study Protocol– Medical Records Research form
  • Surveys or other benign interactions should use the Study Protocol– Minimal Risk Research form
  • If your research involves an intervention or interaction with subjects, you likely need an Expedited or Full protocol form

Research Project Review Process (IRB Submissions)

Please use this step-by-step guide for Non-GME research projects. When you click the link, a PowerPoint will download for your viewing convenience.

3. Create your data collection form (surveys, questionnaires, or Excel sheets to collect the data)

4. Investigator Agreement Form (If using Mission Data)

This link will download a Word document.

5. Mission Research Institute Investigator Initiated Research application (if using Mission Data).

This link will open a Word document.

6. Statement of Work (SOW) via Mission Research Institute (if using Mission Data).

Please contact the Mission Research Institute and/or Laurie Hayner

7. Submit Project Package to IRBNet.

How to use IRB net