How to Run MAHEC Financial Budget Report in Workday


Search for MAHEC FIN Budget. Press Enter.

Pull up MAHEC FIN Income Statement – Budget to Actual.

Put in the Period you want to look at, the beginning FY 2020 will mean FY 2020 as in 2019-2020 Fiscal Year.  Put the Cost Center you want to review in the Budget Worktag and in the Actual Worktag.  Lastly, put in the Plan Name (only applicable for a couple of months as we switch years).  As of June 2020, the current year is FY 20, and the coming cycle will be FY 21. 

This will give you a report of the current period compared to budgeted period.  The prior period which would be April since I was looking at May.  Then the Year To Date which would be from July to May in this case but July to whatever period you selected, for the budget and the current actuals.

You can also click the little arrow beside any of the blue numbers.  And drill down on numbers further.