Saving Files on MAHEC Network File Servers and Accessing +SHARES+


Saving Files on Network File Servers

To save files on a network file server from a MAHEC device, you will choose the drive with your username.  For example a user with the username: Lisaa would appear as:

You can also access the drive through a shortcut on your desktop called Home Drive and looks like this:

From off campus, you can access your Home Drive through Citrix

Citrix Home Drive – Remote App will allow you to browse your +SHARES+ to access shared materials, or work with your own personal documents in this space.  You may also launch Word, Excel, etc. to create new documents and save to your Home Drive.

It is highly recommended that you save your files to your drive or a share so that it gets backed up.  If you save files to your MAHEC device (local), then if the hard drive fails you will lose the data.

Accessing MAHEC File +SHARES+

You have a +SHARES+ folder in your Home Drive that IT created with shortcuts to Departmental and Organization shared directories for your role.

If you have issues accessing your Home Drive contact the IT Help Desk by emailing or calling 828-257-4480.