Accessing MAHEC Citrix Applications


You need Citrix Workspace installed to access MAHEC Citrix Applications.  MAHEC devices have these pre-installed but if you will be using a personal device, you will need this installed.  You will also need to be enrolled in DUO Mobile to access MAHEC Citrix Applications off campus.

Running Citrix Workspace from a MAHEC Device on Campus

You can open Citrix Workspace from on Campus.

1. Open Citrix Workspace. You can start typing Citrix on Start to locate Citrix Workspace. There is also a shortcut on your taskbar

2. You will be brought to the Home Screen.

3. Click the Apps tab at the top of the screen.

4. Click the above the applications that you would like to appear in your Home tab.

5. Click the middle of the application icon to open App.

Running Citrix Workspace from off Campus from MAHEC Device

When accessing Citrix Workspace from off campus, it is best if you use a web browser.

  • Type into a web browser.
  • Citrix login screen appears.
  • Enter User name and password you set up earlier through the Password Reset server, click Log On.
  • You will then receive a prompt from DUO Security (depending on your default settings – see How to Guide for DUO Mobile).
  • Click the Apps tab at the top of the screen.  Click the  above the applications that you would like to appear in your Home tab.
  • For MAHEC Share access, from the APPS screen, launch Home Drive – Remote.
  • Now you may browse to +SHARES+ to access shared materials, or work with your own personal documents in this space.  You may also launch Word, Excel, etc. to create new documents and save to your Home Drive.

Installing Citrix Workspace on Personal Device

You will need to install Citrix Workspace to access certain MAHEC Applications.

  1. Download Citrix Workspace from
    • For Windows:  Choose Workspace App for Windows and install by following the on screen instructions
    • For Mac:  Choose the Workspace App that will run on your macOS.
      • TIPS for Mac installations:  The newest version of Workspace only runs on Sierra (10.13) and above.  If your current macOS is one before Sierra, you’ll find different version in the link ‘Earlier Versions of Workspace app for Mac’.  If you are unsure of your macOS, click the Apple in the top left corner and choose About This Mac.
  2. Once it’s installed, Workspace will ask you to Add an Account.  When the window displays enter then click Add.  Next you’ll login with your network credentials. 
  3. When running accessing MAHEC Citrix Applications on a personal device, always go to

If you have issues accessing MAHEC Citrix Applications, contact the IT Help Desk by emailing or calling 828-257-4480.