How to Access MAHEC Voicemail While Off-Campus


MAHEC provides a means for voicemail users to check for messages while away from the office.

The access phone numbers for the MAHEC Cisco Unity Voicemail System are:

828-257-4495 or 828-210-0067

When connected, you will hear a greeting that states

“If you have a mailbox on this system, press the Star Key (*) now”

After pressing the Star Key (*), you’ll need to:

“Enter your ID followed by pound (#)”

Your ID is your 5-DIGIT extension number. (That’s right, FIVE Digits)

Next, enter your PIN. This is the Personal Identification Number that you normally use to check for voicemail messages.

Once you have successfully completed these steps, you’ll be able to listen to your mailbox and perform a variety of mailbox administration functions.

If you forget the backdoor number (or your 5-Digit Extension number), you can also call your office number and press the Star Key (*) as soon as you hear your greeting. Then, follow the same procedure as outlined above.

Feel free to contact the Help Desk @ Extension 44480 (or 828-257-4480) if you need assistance.