Papercut Frequently Asked Questions


What is Papercut? What is FindMe?

Papercut is an application installed on the Savin/Ricoh multi-function devices to allow badge release printing. FindMe printing means using the Papercut_FindMe printer for all jobs. The jobs are held in a queued state until you go to the nearest Ricoh/Savin, tap your badge on the badge reader and choose to release your print jobs.

I get a username password prompt when I scan my badge on a copier. What do I do?

Use network credentials to log in. This will associate your badge with your network account. You should not have to do this again, unless your badge is replaced.

How do I scan and fax now that I have to log into the copier?

Your network account is tied to your badge, so you will have an option to Scan to your home drive or e-mail. If your team requires a file share to be configured, open a helpdesk ticket. Any COPY or FAX operations will need to be performed by logging into Papercut first.

How can I print single-sided?

Use the Papercut_FindMe_Simplex printer to queue jobs instead of the Papercut_FindMe printer, which defaults to duplex.

I normally print to [destination] but now I don’t see that as an option. Why?

Destination printing is no longer allowed, aside from label printers. In EHR, you will need to queue the output and the receiving team will print what is necessary. For more information, please open an informatics ticket or reach out to your informatics clinic liaison.

I forgot my badge today, how can I print?

  • Go to https://papercutapp01:9192/ and log in with your domain credentials.
  • Click Show under Card/ID.
  • When at copier, choose *ID number*