Papercut EHRPM


For Allscripts EHR Clinical Module

Open Menu on the right side bar. Select Printer Defaults

Select “Select one printer…” from the top part of the window

Drop down the selection box and choose \\papercutprint01\papercut_findme, then click OK

If you are a prescribing provider, scroll down to Prescriptions and click the printer column to select \\papercutprint01\papercut_Rx

Click OK on the Printer Defaults for Caregiver window

For Allscripts PM

Launch PM. Before opening anything, click the red gear on the top green bar.

Navigate to the printers tab (1) and check the box for “Remember Preferred Default Printer” (2)

Click the dropdown box and choose \\papercutprint01\papercut_findme (3) then click OK (4)

For more on Papercut, please visit the Papercut FAQ.