How to Schedule a Webex Meeting Using a Template


A scheduling template defines many of the settings for a scheduled meeting. If hosts often use the same settings for their meetings, a site administrator can save those settings in a template. When scheduling meetings, a host can select the template to avoid having to set many of the same options for each meeting.

There are two types of scheduling templates:

  • Standard scheduling templates: Available for all hosts. A Webex service includes a set of standard templates. Site administrators can also make hosts’ personal templates available as standard templates.
  • Personal scheduling templates: A template that a host sets up and that is available only for that host. A host can create a personal template from within the meeting scheduler, by using the Save As Template option. When saving a template, the host can also save the template as a standard template, by selecting Save As Standard Template. The template then appears in the list of standard templates.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select the Meetings tab on the left
  3. Select the Schedule button in the upper right
  4. Select all the the options you will want in your template, including any Advanced Options
  5. Select Save as Template next to the Start Button