Citrix Getting Started


What is Citrix?

Citrix is a method of delivering Microsoft Windows App & Desktop resources to MAHEC employees. Resources are available inside the network, as well as remotely at

Access to resources is provided by using the Citrix Workspace App, previously known as Citrix Receiver. This is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebook OS and can be downloaded for free via this link, or your device’s App Store. Workspace or Receiver is already installed on your MAHEC device and installation/upgrades are managed by the IT Department.

More information on logging in, launching apps and controlling your session via Workspace/Receiver is available here.


When using a Desktop, the HDX bar is at the top of the screen. Expand it to view the options provided.

Home will minimize your Citrix Desktop, taking you back to your local system desktop.

Ctrl-Alt-Del is a quick way to change your password or Sign out/log off.

Full Screen will maximize the desktop to fill your monitor. Another way to maximize is to double-click the Desktop Viewer title bar, directly above the HDX bar.

FOR DUAL MONITORS: If you would like your Citrix desktop to span more than one monitor, move the Citrix Desktop Viewer window so that it is split between both monitors, then click Full Screen

Window replaces the space of Full Screen and is the button to exit the Full Screen Citrix Desktop.

Disconnect should not be used.

Logging off vs Disconnecting

An open Desktop instance is known as a session. When you disconnect, the session is kept open and can sometimes cause issues with running certain apps on the desktop. Clicking the X on the Desktop Viewer title bar to close the Viewer window or Disconnect on the HDX bar will disconnect your session. Shutting your local computer down without logging off or putting the system to sleep will also cause your session to disconnect. MAHEC IT does not recommend disconnecting your session.

If calling the helpdesk with issues, we’ll usually ask that you log off and log back in first to see if that resolves your issue.

Logging off clears your session, freeing up resources and committing your saved settings. It is always recommended to log off instead of disconnecting. This may be done a few ways:

The LogOff icon on the desktop: 

Ctrl-Alt-Del button on the HDX bar, then selecting Sign out

Signing out via the Start Menu:

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