Citrix Desktop Features


Desktop Overview

Desktops are launched from Receiver and are presented as full desktops with apps installed.

View the Getting Started page for information on the HDX bar which is used frequently for controlling your Citrix Desktop.

Shortcut Management

You get to decide what you do and do not want on your desktop, with the exception of a few mandatory shortcuts. Customization is easy!

Run the Manage Shortcuts app on your Citrix Desktop 

Printer Selection / Management

Printers are dynamically created based on your location and security rights.

Upon logging in, the Default Printer Selection screen will appear. Printers are still installing after you log in, so if your printer doesn’t appear at first, wait a few seconds. Then click on a printer and set it as your default. Note the green checkmark on the selected default printer

Add session printer

If you don’t have a specific printer that you need, you can add it by using the Add Session Printer shortcut under “Printer Management” on the Start Menu, or available through Manage Shortcuts

You’ll be presented with a webpage that displays printers you have rights to add and print to. Clicking on the printer will ask if you want it installed. Once installed, you may then set it as default using the above walkthrough.

If you need permissions for a specific printer, or need a printer to be persistently created for you every time you log in, please submit a ticket to the helpdesk.