Citrix Workspace


Downloading and Installing

MAHEC PCs & Laptops

Workspace or Receiver is already installed on your MAHEC-provided system. If you are having issues, please contact the helpdesk.

Personal Devices

MAHEC’s Citrix Storefront

Once the Workspace App is installed, you can access your Apps & Desktop a couple of ways:

  • via from a web browser
  • via logging in to the Workspace App itself. using your email address (personal devices)

After installing Workspace, you’ll be prompted with the above logon prompt. Enter your work e-mail address and click Add Account to be prompted for your network credentials.

  • via Single-sign (MAHEC devices only)

Open Workspace from the system tray by double-clicking the blue icon.  

Sometimes you may need to expand the system tray to show the Workspace icon.

You may also open Workspace from the Start Menu, and may choose to pin the shortcut to your Start Menu, Desktop, or Taskbar.

Desktops, Apps and Favorites

Citrix delivers Desktops and Apps.

Upon opening Workspace, or after logging in at you’ll be taken to the Desktops view. Desktops are usually run full screen and have special Apps on them, such as EHR/PM, as well as access to common apps with access to files on the MAHEC network.

To view Apps instead, click on the Apps button. Apps appear to run on your local Windows/Mac computer, but are actually running on servers in the MAHEC network, so are able to access MAHEC files and resources within the App.

Apps are NOT 100% compatible on some mobile devices, and a Desktop should be used to access these particular apps, as necessary.

If you click the Details button next to any App or Desktop, you will be able to add items as favorites:

Once you have added it as a favorite, you can click the “<” in the upper left corner under the MAHEC logo to back out of App details, or you may click one of the top tabs (Favorites/Desktops/Apps) to exit App details.

Start menu, desktop presentation of Favorites

When using a MAHEC device with Single Sign-on, Favorites will show up automatically on your Start Menu. Favorites should follow you across all devices.

To alter this behavior and have it display icons on your Desktop, you may right click the tray icon for Workspace

and open Advanced Preferences, then selecting Shortcuts and Reconnect

In the Shortcuts and Reconnect window, you can choose to turn on Desktop Shortcuts, and choose to put Citrix shortcuts in a certain folder on your Start Menu / Desktop.

What Next

Learn about the HDX bar for managing your Desktop session

Learn about Shortcuts and Printer Management for Desktops

Quick Fixes

Connection Center

If you’re having issues with “too many concurrent sessions” or an App that won’t launch properly after crashing, you can initiate a log off via the Workspace app on your computer.

Right click the Workspace icon  and choose Connection Center 

You will be presented with a list of active connections/sessions. You can choose to Log off a server, or expand the server node and choose an App to terminate. First click the server you wish to log off of, then click Log Off.