Supplier Invoice Request Instructions


Create Supplier Invoice Request can only be used on purchases less than $3,000 or Utilities Invoices(Power, Gas, Cable, Credit Card Transactions).  It also can only be used if we have an invoice.  It cannot be used for quotes. It cannot be used for McKesson orders or Staples orders.  

Type Create Supplier Invoice Request

Input as many fields as you know to help complete the invoice process.  Note: Attachment of invoice is required.  The spend category is required. The supplier is required. The invoice number is required from the original invoice.  If there is not an invoice number please use the following format. 

DO NOT USE the Tax Amount Box in the Request.  Please put all NC Sales Tax on a separate line and use the Sales Tax Spend Category.  You can put sales tax in the extended amount even if its on the goods line.  It will automatically fill in the unit cost.

On the Memo line under Additional Information please put what the invoice is for. Put Cost Center, Project (if applicable).

You can input splits like requisitions or add new lines for different cost centers.

Insert the attachment of the invoice. This will carry over to when AP will pay the invoice. 

It will then route to the Project Manager (if applicable), the Cost Center Manager, and then the Accounting Manager for approval before it is delivered in AP’s inbox to be paid.  All these approvals must be in place before AP knows to pay the invoice.

You can also Find your Supplier Invoice Requests that you have put in.

You can go to old supplier invoice requests and cancel them or COPY them to create a new Supplier Invoice Request.