Global Protect


In order to access MAHEC home drive and Citrix apps, it is recommended that you use the GlobalProtect VPN client to make your computer appear as if it is on network.

This post will explain how to install and connect to GlobalProtect.


Open Software Center from your Start Menu or search field on the Taskbar

Select GlobalProtect from the Applications listing and select Install.

When the Portal Address prompt appears, click cancel.

GlobalProtect is now installed and ready to connect when you’re offsite.


Open a browser and make sure you have Internet first. If you are at a public site, such as a coffee shop or airport, you may first need to log in to the Wireless Network, then connect with GlobalProtect.

Select GlobalProtect from the system tray. It is gray when not connected. It will be gray and not able to connect when you’re on a MAHEC campus network already.

Click connect. You may be prompted for DUO authentication.

When the globe turns blue with a check mark, you are connected to the MAHEC network and can now access resources as if you’re on campus.


You may open the GlobalProtect App and disable/enable as needed. If you do not require MAHEC resources, such as Citrix apps, Home Drive or MS Office Apps, we suggest disabling GlobalProtect and Enabling when needed.