Workday Frequently Asked Questions Absence


Can employees request PTO by mobile?

Yes. Employees can do the following through mobile:

  1. Request absence, enter and submit time
  2. Approve time and absence
  3. Approve other business process steps such as procurement and hiring
  4. View items such as their org chart, pay slips and personal information

Can I retro PTO request/PTO time for sick days?


Can you cancel an absence request before it’s approved? In between?

Absence requests can be cancelled if not yet approved without manager intervention. If already approved, staff can still edit or cancel the request but managers must then approve this action.

How do I enter Jury Duty?

From the Absence module, select the day(s) of the summons and enter an absence request with an absence type of Jury Duty. Attach your summons to the absence request.

How do I modify my requested time off from 8 hours to something less?

Use the Edit Quantity Per Day in the Absence request and change to 4 hours or smaller increment for non-exempt.

How does Workday enter comp time/making up time instead of PTO?

For residents and faculty, floater holiday time accrues when the provider works on a MAHEC scheduled holiday, which can then be used at a later date.

What is the minimum PTO time?

15-minute increments for non-exempt staff, 4 hours for exempt staff. See Leave Policy 3.HR.1001.

Will 8 Salary Earnings hours re-populate if you cancel a PTO?

No, you will need to enter 8 hours salary earnings.  

Will we have to re-request PTO for time approved before 4/1/19?