Workday Frequently Asked Questions Time Tracking


How do I correct a missed or incorrect time punch?

Click on the Time application and click ‘Request Time Punch Correction’. Select or type ‘Correct Time Punch’ and click ‘OK’. Enter the description of the correction and select an effective date. Click ‘Submit’ and ‘Done’ to complete. Your manager will receive an inbox alert to correct your time.

How does a manager enter special absences on employee timehseets?

How do I handle time allocated to different funding sources?

Exempt employees who have a costing application, salaries will be allocated based on the budget. Time entered on the timesheet related to grants is required for reporting and supporting documentation for the grantor. See finance for specific questions.

How do I request time off in the future if I don’t have enough PTO?

You first must request off an amount equal to your available PTO, and have that approved by your manager or timesheet reviewer. After approved, you can then go in and request an absence and select ‘Leave Without Pay’ and submit the request for the balance of your time.

How does rounding work with time entry?

Time punches will round to 6 minutes or one-tenth of an hour. For example, an employee who clocks in at 8:02 and clocks out at 11:57 will have their time rounded to 8:00 and 12:00 respectively.

How to change/edit scheduled/default time for exempt employees, i.e. I am a .8 FTE and do not work Fridays. How can I change this?

All exempt employees have preloaded hours/days that are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm. If you work an alternative schedule that has previously been approved by your supervisor, you can alter your default time by the following steps:

  1. In the BP search field, type in “My Schedule” and enter.
  2. Click on any future weekday that you intend the change to become effective and a pop-up box called “Edit My Schedule” will appear.
  3. Select the button at the bottom “Edit Days Individually”. Note at the top of the box, you will see the effective date of this change. You can then enter the end date for this change. If there is no specific end date, leave this blank and it will remain in effect indefinitely.
  4. Proceed with entering all other time changes for each day and select “OK”. It will take you back to the calendar showing your new default time.

If an employee submits a time correction request, how do they see whether the request has been completed?

The employee will be able to view the corrected time change on their calendar. They will not be alerted at this time when the correction is completed.

What happens if I don’t submit my time to my supervisor/timesheet approver by the submission deadline?

See MAHEC Policy 3.HR.1024 Payroll and Timesheet Procedures. For non-exempt employees, time not submitted by the payroll deadline will not be paid within the current payroll cycle.

What do I do as a manager if my staff hours are less than or more than 40?

Hours will be paid as entered. If staff are below 40 and wish to be paid for 40, they should supplement with PTO. If staff are less than or equal to 1 hour over (41 hours) then there is no adjustment needed. If over 41 hours, and there is approved PTO, the manager may ask the staff member to reduce some PTO to bring them down to 40.

What is the procedure for recording call pay in Workday?

Eligible exempt staff will enter call in Workday. You will see a time entry type as “call” and enter 1 unit during the week you were on call. Non-Exempt staff will have their call entered by their manager at this time.

When an employee submits a correction to their timesheet, does that actually correct the time, or does the manager have to make the change?

The manager has to make the change.

When do I enter Telecommuting time? How long do I have to be telecommuting to count as time entered in Workday?

MAHEC Policy 3.HR.1027 defines telecommuting guidelines. Typically enter telecommuting time only in 4 or 8-hour increments.