Vehicle Guide


As a MAHEC employee driving a MAHEC vehicle, the following apply:

  • Employees are the only authorized drivers of MAHEC vehicles. Clients or business colleagues may be included as passengers.
  • Under no circumstances are family members of employees permitted to be passengers.
  • In-town overnight use of these vehicles is prohibited.
  • As property of MAHEC, the organization-wide “No Smoking” policy applies inside these vehicles.
  • Gas – a minimum of ½ tank of gas is required upon return. Employees may utilize the MAHEC account at the Biltmore Citi Stop. Return the receipt with your signature and department code to the Facilities Assistant. This account is restricted to purchasing fuel for MAHEC-owned vehicles only.
  • Traffic violations are the responsibility of the driver and not MAHEC.
  • If you have never driven a Prius hybrid vehicle, please call Facilities Management to arrange a brief (5-minute) orientation before driving.
  • Please report any mechanical problems or concerns to Facilities Management immediately @ 257-4411.

In case of an accident

There are insurance cards and an accident procedure card in the glove box of each MAHEC vehicle. The following are procedures for MAHEC employees to follow when they are involved in vehicle accidents while conducting MAHEC business. This includes any vehicle – MAHEC, rental, or personal. Questions regarding these accident procedures should be directed to Risk Management.

  • In the case of an accident, notify the police immediately.
  • Do not move the vehicle until instructed by the police.
  • Do not admit fault. Make no commitments and do not argue with anyone at the scene.
  • Call Risk Management at 257-4415. Complete a MAHEC Incident Report Form within one business day of accident. Attach the police report to and send to Risk Management.
  • If the accident caused a MAHEC employee riding in the vehicle bodily injury, Workers’ Compensation guidelines must be followed.

In case of a mechanical breakdown on the highway

  • Move the vehicle off the road, if possible. Do not remain inside a disabled vehicle on the highway. Lock the vehicle if it is necessary to leave it unattended.
  • If it is necessary to signal for assistance on a highway, raise the hood of the vehicle and turn on the hazard flasher system.
  • If in or near Asheville during business hours, call Facilities Management at 257-4411 for assistance.

MAHEC has provided an account with Auto Club of America for times when need roadside assistance while traveling out of town in one of the MAHEC vehicles. You will find the Roadside Assistance instruction card in the glove box. They will provide 24-hr emergency roadside assistance which includes:

  • Towing
  • Battery service
  • Flat tire assistance
  • Gasoline delivery
  • Lockout assistance

After calling for service, or if you have any questions about this service, please call the Facilities Management 24-hr helpline at 257-4411 to report the issue.