How to Encrypt a USB Drive


To enable BitLocker encryption on a USB flash drive, perform the following steps:

1. Insert and browse to the USB flash drive.

2. Right click the USB flash drive or external hard drive, and then click on Turn on Bitlocker.

3. On the Choose how you want to unlock this drive window, choose Use a password to unlock the drive. This option prompts the user for a password to unlock the drive. Passwords allow a drive to be unlocked in any location and to be shared with other people. BitLocker requires that passwords have at least eight characters.

4.On the How Do You Want To Store Your Recovery Key windows, click Save The Recovery Key To A File.

5. In the Save BitLocker Recovery Key As dialog box, choose a save location, such as your Documents folder, and then click Save.

6. The message Your Recovery Key has been saved will appear in the dialog box and you can now click Next to continue.

7. On the Are You Ready To Encrypt This Drive window, click Start Encrypting. Do not remove the USB flash drive until the encryption process is complete. How long the encryption takes depends on the size of the drive.

8. Once the encryption process completes you will be notified by a window and start using encrypted drive.

How to Use an Encrypted Drive After Encryption Process is completed:

1. The BitLocker Drive Encryption dialog box will automatically pop-up.

2. Enter your password, and click Unlock.

3. Choose Open folder to view files.

4. Start using your drive.