Classroom Guide


For classroom set-ups please use the workorder form, or send an email to, giving us at least 24 hours notice.

Please do not send workorders to Lisa Ogle or Ron Fagan!

Make sure you include all of the following information in your workorder:

  • Classroom # for set-up
  • Name of Program
  • Date(s) of Program
  • Time program begins including registration time
  • Break-down time (time the program will end)
  • Description of set-up
  • How the room should be arranged (examples: “U” shape, No tables; chairs in a circle, café style) or you may attach a diagram. Also, include the number of participants when needed (example: if the set-up is a “U” shape include number of participants)

Classroom set-ups are done the evening before your program begins. A minimum of 1 1/2 -hours is required to set-up and break-down a classroom. Please reserve the room before and after your program to allow time for us to set-it up, reset and clean the room. Note: 1 ½ hours is a minimum, more time may be needed if the room has been used intensively , or if there are multiple set-ups required during the same or overlapping time frames.

If you have multi-day programs, please make sure the classroom is reserved from 8:00am -10:00pm on each day of your program, this will ensure the room will not be re-set until after the program.